Call for Papers

The IJAEGT an international and refereed journal publishes articles monthly with the emphasis on research, development and application within the various fields. The IJAEGT is open to a wide range of research methodologies and paper styles including case studies, surveys, experiments, review papers and theoretical papers. Contributions may deal with, but are not limited to the following
Artificial Intelligence and expert systems
Biometrics and Bioinformatics
Broadband wireless technologies
Cloud computing
Communications and data security
Computer Engineering
Computer Graphics
Computer Science
Computer Networks
Computer Security
Computational Linguistics
Data mining and knowledge discovery
Dataware housing
Electronic commerce
Experimental algorithms
Grid computing
Human computer interaction
Digital speech and Image processing
Knowledge Technologies
Mobile computing
Modelling languages
Nano technology
Object orientation
Operating systems
Parallel and distributed processing
Pattern recognition
Programming languages
Robotics and automation
software engineering
scientific and statistical computing
Signal processing
Wireless networks
Virtual reality
Web based systems
Wireless Technology.

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