Welcome to IJAEGT

The IJAEGT an international and refereed journal (ISSN 2309-4893) publishes articles monthly with the emphasis on research, development and application within the various fields of engineering, the journal encourages research studies that have significant contributions to make to the continuous development and improvement of Technology. The journal attempts to bridge the gap between the academic and industrial community, and therefore, welcomes theoretically grounded, methodologically sound research studies that address various Engineering and Technology problems and innovations from a socio-technological perspective. The journal will serve as a forum for practitioners, researchers, managers and policy makers to share their knowledge and experience in the design, development, implementation, management and evaluation of various applications. Articles from other fields are welcome as long as their content is relevant to the journal. Each issue provides a wealth of timely and informative articles and research summaries.

IJAEGT is the mansion for all technocrats who can prove themselves what they are and can build their career in a better way , anybody can reach the heights of their career with IJAEGT.


The IJAEGT maintains a very rapid electronic submission, review and publication process. The turnaround time and quality of review comments ranks amongst the best in the field.

IJAEGT are indexed in the major research databases.
The IJAEGT is open to a wide range of research methodologies and paper styles including case studies, surveys, experiments, review papers and theoretical papers. Contributions may deal with, but are not limited to Computer Science Engineering, Electronics, Communication networks, Electrical and Information Technology.

Peer review

Research papers are double peer-reviewed and independently edited by acknowledged experts in their fields to improve the quality of research submitted for publication by giving reviewers the opportunity to suggest improvements . Reviewers are appointed by the journal advisory board.

Send your papers to :  ijaegt.editor@gmail.com,  editor@ijaegt.com.