Paper Submission

Prospective authors are kindly invited to submit full text papers including results, tables, figures and references. Full text papers (.pdf, .doc) will be accepted by Email :,
All submitted articles must be the authors’ original, unpublished work. The manuscript must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. The paper does not infringe the copyright, or violate other rights, of any third party Permissions to use reprinted material, adapted material, and material owned by other parties are the sole responsibility of the authors.
Authors may not submit papers that are published in conference proceedings without considerable changes from the earlier version. If a complete new version of such paper is accepted for publication in IJAEGT, the author(s) must acknowledge its earlier version and source of publication in the final revised paper.

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Manuscript Guidelines
Manuscript Length: Articles should be approximately 6-8 pages (Single-spaced). The entire manuscript (including tables and references)
Manuscript Format: Two column, 12-point font, and one-inch margins.
Title Length: The manuscript title must not exceed eight (10) words.
Abstract: An abstract of no more than 150 words is required.
Keywords: A set of key words to serve as indicators on the paper’s contents should follow the abstract.
Headings Format: Center primary headings in all caps. Place secondary headings at the left margin. Do not number headings and subheadings.
Tables and Figures: Tables and figures must be prepared and captioned exactly as they are to appear in the Journal. They must be numbered consecutively in the text.
References: References must be complete and listed alphabetically at the end of the text according to the first author’s last name. Each reference should be preceded by a number enclosed in square brackets. Citations in the text, referring to this list, should be made as numbers in square brackets, e.g., [10]. Journal references must follow the format:
Journal references must follow the format:
[1] Author’s last name, initials. “title,” journal name (italicized) volume:issue (enclosed in parentheses), year, page number(s).
Book references must follow the format:
[2] Author’s last name, initials. book title (italicized), publisher, city, state, year, page numbers(s).
Proceedings references must follow the format:
[3] Author’s last name, initials. “title,” name of proceedings, conference city, state: conference date, page number(s).

Review Process
Manuscripts will be reviewed by the IJAEGT Screening Committee within a week from submission. The Editor-in-Chief will contact the corresponding author with news of whether or not the submission will be advanced to the first round of blind reviews (or is being rejected as not suitable for publication in the journal). The IJAEGT does not process any submission that does not comply with complete requirements of submission guidelines.

Paper Submission E-mail :,

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