Working Philosophy of All Medicines

Pijush Kanti Bhattacharjee

Department of Information Technology,

Assam University [A Central University],

Silchar, Assam, Pin-788011, India.

Abstract—Purpose of this paper is to introduce an invention in working principle of Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic system of Medicines, with Vaccination, Physical Exercise, Yogic Exercise and Meditation. Development and use of toxic substances from dead body of bad elements (bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite etc.) is very essence. This shows how minimum quantity of medicines recovers the diseases in a living being with the least side effects. It also explains how Physical Exercise, Yogic Exercise, Meditation etc., disease free condition can be prevailed. Perfect School of Medicines is designed keeping in view of medicinal as well as toxic substances effect derived from dead bad elements. The diagnosis of a disease with the progress of recovery from the disease can be checked by passing electromagnetic [EM] wave through the disease affected portion of the patient’s body and measuring the difference of the going in and the coming out electromagnetic wave signal power to that portion of the body. This electromagnetic wave absorption examining method for a living body assigns a new testing technique for knowing the status of the body eliminating present pathological examination system.  


Index Terms—Bad Elements-Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Parasite etc., Electromagnetic wave absorption technique, Perfect School of Medicines, Toxic substances.


Every living body comprises with Good or Growth substances and Bad or Toxic substances. Good substances may be termed as healthy or growth substances (GS) consisting of proteins, vitamins, minerals, water etc.  Bad substances are termed as poisonous or toxic substances (TS) containing bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite etc. These healthy or growth substances (GS) are gradually decreasing after facing death by a living body and finally it is converted into bad or toxic substances (TS) only. We know that bad elements (bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite etc.), which cause disease in the living body, are also living creatures, because they can take part in reproduction. These type of disease caused bad elements like bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites etc. are searching the weaker section of the other living body, where they can be incremented (dwell and reproduced) for a period in their choiceable manner.

In every living body, there is immunity which safe guard the body from the certain attacks of these bad elements like bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite etc. These different types of immunology substances keep pace with the various parts of the body, e.g., brain, heart, spleen, liver, kidney etc. Whenever any of these immunology factors become less, that organ becomes weak and the organ is easily affected by the attack of the bad elements like bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite etc.


In case a disease appears in a living body, i.e., a living body is attacked by bacteria or virus or fungus or parasite or multiple of them and the disease is not cured within a specific time, that particular disease causes death to the affected living body by increasing the amount of bad or toxic substances more than good or growth substances. Thereafter remaining good substances (GS) is converted to bad or toxic substances (TS) in a dead body. To be cure from the disease, generally we are taking help from medicines. If medicines fail to cure, i.e., to be free from bad elements (bacteria or virus or fungus or parasite), we have to go for surgical treatment. Surgery is nothing, but to curtail the main affected part of the living body, i.e., the main dwelling region of the so-called bad elements, causing damage to the organ. Most of the times it is seen that the surgical treatment is not the best method for complete cure, e.g., cancer treatment.


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Volume -02, Issue -07 , July 2014.

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