Volume-07, Issue-01, 2019


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A Survey on Current Trends and Grid Computing.

N.Kirubakaran, P.Sathya


Secure Upload Data Using an RSA Algorithm in Cloud Computing

N.Kirubakaran, P.Sathya


Review: Fingerprint & Passcode Protection Car Ignition

Someshwar Laxman Yemulwad


 QoS Analysis of WiMax over Wi-Fi Using AODV in NS-2

Amita Tiwari,  Kamini Dohre, Prof. Abhilash Mishra, Umesh Barahdiya


Detection of Black Hole Attack and Analyzing its Effect With on Demand Routing Scheme in MANET

Rubi Goyal, Kamini Dohare,Poonam Baderiya, Prof. Abhilash Mishra


Performance Evaluation of IEEE/802.11and IEEE/802.16 MAC Standard Using Network Simulator

Kamini Dohare , Rubi Goyal,  , Poonam Baderiya,  Prof. Abhilash Mishra


A Novel Design of Gray Code Converter With Quantum Dot Cellular Automata.

Bhupendra Kumar Aroliya,  Kapil Sen, Umesh Barahdiya, Abhilash Mishra


 Prevention of Black Hole Attack Problem Using Alternate Path Strategy in Manet.

Kirti Jain,  Prof. Abhilash Mishra, Prof. Ashish Gupta


Optimizing Clustering Algorithm in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Using Genetic Algorithm

Kapil Sen, Bhupendra kumar Aroliya, Prof. Abhilash Mishra, Umesh Barahdiya


Enhanced Network Performance by Using Multipath Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Network.

Miniraj Shrivastava, Prof. Ashish Gupta,  Prof.Abhilash Mishra


Implementation of Methods CLAHE, MSR, DCP and BBHE for Underwater Image Enhancement on MATLAB.

Poonam Baderiya, Rubi Goyal, Kamini Dohare, Prof. Abhilash Mishra


Investigating the Level of Awareness on Information Security Amongst Users at Botho University.

Kabelo Mbereki, Srinath Doss


 An Efficient Priority based Packet Scheduling in MANETs

Adhithiya, Jose Anand, Srinath Doss


Overview of Design and Fabrication of Staircase Wheelchair.

Amit Chaudhary, Aman Yelekar , Praful Bisen, Ankit Zade, Amul Kadav,  Gagandeep Singh Bhuye

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