Volume-03, Issue-06, June 2015

Manuscript Title and Author(s)



Thermal storage system with phase change material

Priyanka borkar , Pramod walke



Adaptive Design of Machine Tool Gearboxes

Dr M. A. Asy


A Review on enhancement of heat transfer in heat exchanger with grooves

A. K. Mokashi, P. V. Walke, V. M. Kriplani


Review on Heat Transfer Enhancement by Using Baffles

Bablu Kumar, Dr. V. M. Kriplani, Dr. P. V. Walke


Heat Transfer Augmentation By Ring Inserts

Suyog B. Bhajankar, Dr.U.S.Wankhede


Dynamic, Kinematic and Static Analysis of a Shaper Machine

Prof Dr. M.A. Nasser, Dr.M.A Asy


Heat Transfer Enhancement from Heat Sinks using Perforated Fins: A Review

A. A. Kanaskar, V. M. Kriplani, P.V. Walke


The Study of Decision-Making on Participating in Leisure Activities of Junior High School Students

Chih-Yao Lo, Ming-Cheng Ho, Cheng-I Hou, and Tzu-Jung Li


Cyber Security: A Step towards Safe Computing

Devashri Raich, Bireshwar Ganguly, Ashish Jaiswal


Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Flat Plate Solar Water Collector: A Review

B. N. Mankar, R.S Shelke


An Efficient Wireless Xml Dissemination Scheme for Mobile Computing

Jetlin.C.P, Jothi.M


A Study of the Elements that Affect Teachers’ Participation in Independent International Travel

Chih-Yao Lo, Ming-Cheng Ho, Cheng-I Hou, and Hui-Wen Tang


Efficient mining frequent itemsets for dynamic database involving insertion

Mrs. Ashlesha Amol Jagdale , Prof. Sonali Patil


Design And Simulation of MEMS Based Humidity Sensor

Saptaparni Rudra,  Kalyan Biswas


Paper on Multilevel Security using VC and BPCS

Rewa Ambar, Radhika Deshpande,Abhaya Doshi, Abhaya Renuse


Performance analysis of Horn Antenna with Metamaterial Graded Index Lenses

Vinayak Parashram Kamble, Shaikh Muhammad Moinuddin, Kishor Bhimrao Gawale, Ansari Habibur Rahman


Transform Domain Based Digital Image Watermarking Resilient to Global and Local Desynchronization Attacks

Mahesh R. Shimpi, S. V. Gumaste


Performance Optimization of LDMOS For Application In RF Domain

Sarthak Bandyopadhyay, Sagar Mukherjee, Swarnil Roy, Kalyan Biswas


Performance of Double Basin Solar Still with Evacuated Tubes and Reflector

Vishakha Sakhare and R.S.Shelke


Experimental Study On Improvement Of Heat Transfer Of Minichannel Heat Sink Using  Nanofluids

Rupesh D. Khorgade, R. S. Shelke


Detection, Classification, Evaluation and Compression of Pavement Information

S.Vishnu Kumar, Maduguri Sudhir , Md.Nazia Sultana


Impact of high-k dielectric constant on 7-stage Ring Oscillator performance

Tanusree Chatterjee


A Study of Reversible Logic Gates and their Applications

Pragya Gupta, Priyanka Shah


Image Contrast Enhancement Using Joint Segmentation

Mr. Pankaj A. Mohrut, Dr. Deepti Shrimankar



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