Volume-06, Issue-03, 2018


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Detection and Prevention of Black Hole Attack by Using Alternative Path Search Algorithm AODV in MANET.

Kavita Singh Bagla,  Jyoti Dixit, Reena Singh Ahirwar,  Umesh Barahdia


Detection of Wormhole Attacker using Grid Base Cluster Approach in Mobile Ad Hoc Network.

Madhav Prasad Sharma, Arvind Sharma


Experimental Analysis of Ant Colony Optimization Using Zone Based Approach in Wireless Ad Hoc Network.

Satish Kumar, Sandeep Kumar Pandey, Prof. Umesh Barahdiya & Prof. Vivek Shukla


 Detection of Digital Image Forgery by Using Illuminant Light Source.

Ashish Jaiswal, Shraddha Asati, Sudarshan Awale


Detection and Prevention of Wormhole Attack using Mobility and Density in Mobile Ad Hoc Network.

 Ravikant Sharma, Prof. Rajesh Singh ,Prof. Arvind sharma, Prof. Abhilash mishra


Robust Face Recognition Using Largest Matching Area for Illumination and Occlusion.

Akshata Bansod, Prof. Snehal Paliwal, Prof. Nagma Sheikh

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