Volume-05, Issue-05-Sept-Oct 2017


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A Survey Performance Comparison of AVL & Red Block Tree

P.Sathya, Mr.V.S.Joe Irudayaraj



A Comparative Study on AVL and Red-Black Trees Algorithm

P.Sathya, N.Kirubakaran, Mr.V.S.Joe Irudayaraj


Spatial Image Information Mining of Linked Earth Observation Data Frame work



Minimization of 34T Full Subtractor Parameters Using MTCMOS Technique

Mohammad Mudassir, Vishwas Mishra and Amit Kumar


Implementation and Performance Evaluation of CoAP Data Protocol of Internet of Things.

Y.Naga Malleswara Rao, M.Srinivasa Rao


A Software Cohesion Metrics-Survey

S.Gayathri, Mr.K.Maheswaran


Artificial Mobile Agents Based Ant Colony Optimization Using Hybrid Zone Scheme in Ad Hoc Network

Konika Mehta , Prof. Arvind Sharma & Prof. Rajesh Singh


 Application of Z-Source Inverter for Motor Drives

S Sreenu, I Rajashekar


Performance Comparison of Different IEEE/802.11 and IEEE/802.16 Mac Standard In Wireless Environment.

Pushpendra Goutam , Prof. L D Mahor


Diabetic Retinopathy Disease Extraction using Digital Image Processing Techniques – A Review.

Sonali Gaikwad, Ramesh R. Manza


Performance Comparison of Different Traffic Sources In WiMax Environment.

Renu Jatav, Prof. L D Mahor


An Improved ECC Algorithm For Enhancing Cloud Security.

Dr. S. S. Manikandasaran, Sheela.S, Keerthana.R


An Improved Energy-Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Processing Cloud Data.

Dr. S. S.Manikandasaran, Keerthana.R, Sheela.S


Classifying Learners Based on Questionnarie Style Using Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Chadalawada Rajendra, Dr.B.Kavitha

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