Volume-05, Issue-04-July2017


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Performance Analysis of Mobile agents based routing Protocol in Wireless Ad hoc Network.

Madhvi Patel, Prof. Dileep Sharma



An Improved Grid-Voltage Regulation by using Fuel Cell based iUPQC Controller.

Rudraraju Tejasvi, D Gireesh Kumar, Dr. N Bhoopal


Minimizing Inter ISP Traffic By Using Cache Bandwidth Allocation For P2P File Sharing System.

V.Sandhiya, K.Sankar


Detecting forged digital image by Illumination Color Classification.

Ashish Jaiswal, Shraddha Asati, Sudarshan Awale


Data Retrieval From Ontology Using Natural Language Query Processing.

Ashish Jaiswal , Sudarshan Awale,Shraddha Asati


Confidential and Comprehensible Inter province Steering Decisions without Wrapping any Superfluous Information.



Securable Payment Using Bitcoins Based On Frodo Device.

P.Shri Janani,  T.R.Srinivasan


 Variable Tyre Pressure for Braking System –A New Approach.

R. Rewanth, B. Rajendra Prasath


A New Fuzzy Controlled D-STATCOM Scheme for Power Quality in a Distribution System.

Devarapali Divya, Jyothi Priyanka


 Novel Linear Regressive Classifier for the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

Samuel Giftson Durai, Dr. S. Hari Ganesh


Cat Swarm Optimization with decision tree classifier For Diabetes Data.

R. Pavithra,  H. Hannah Inbarani


A Novel Iterative Linear Regressive Classifier for Predicting Breast Cancer.

 Samuel Giftson Durai, Dr. S. Hari Ganesh


A Novell Approach for Comparative Study of Classification Algorithms Using R-Programming.

P.Siva Naga Raju,  J.V.N.Raju, S.V.Swami

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