Volume-05, Issue-03- May 2017


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A Novel Iterative Linear Regressive Classifier for Predicting Breast Cancer.

Samuel Giftson Durai, Dr. S. Hari Ganesh A, Joy Christy



Statistical Analysis of Cohesion metrics

H.B.Vincentraj,  S.Hari Ganesh



Influence of Mechanical Properties on the Fracture Response of Zirconia/Nickel Functionally Graded Materials.

A. R. EL-Desouky, M. S. EL-Wazery, A. A. Hassan



A Novel HPF Controlled Strategy Based Active Power Filter for Renewable Power Generation Systems.

A. Alekhya, K Anusha,  P Ramesh Babu



Enhancement of classification algorithm in detection of breast cancer with improved accuracy.

Samuel Giftson Durai, Dr. S. Hari Ganesh


Ant Colony Optimization Based Routing to Improve QoS in MANETs.

Simranjot Kaur


Mechanical and Dynamic Properties of Hybrid Composite laminates.

N. M. Mohamed, M. S. EL-Wazery, M. I. EL-Elamy, S. H. Zoalfakar


Survey on Artificial Intelligence in Digital Forensics.

Vaishnavi Ganesh


Integration of Harmonic Drive In C – Axis of CNC  Lathe.

Jithin Thomas, Jinto C.A, Adhin Anil, Livin Wilson, Asif M, Linto P Anto, C Kannan


 Design And Analysis of Mini Dumper.

Ajay P V, Daise T Mechery, Gokul Krishnan T N, Vishnu K M, Afsal Fajarudheen, Delvin T D, Sreeraj J Menon, Akhil Viswanath K C.


 Solar Electric Gear Bike.

Sreejith C, Pranav N P, Prestin Thomas, Jinto Tenson, Arunkumar K, Fabio Shajan, Aswin K C , Mathew Thomas


Water Powered Motorcycle

Jis Mon Mathew, Akarsh O.S,  Amal Shaji, Vysakh P, Eldhose P.S,  Gokul S Kumar, Fredy Paul, B.K Saravanan


Thermal Analysis Of Counter Flow Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger.

Risal K K, Siril Sunny, Akshay, Nikhil T C, Adarsh Shalish, Swamin P V, Binto anto, Texo Jose


An improved ant colony based routing protocol in term of node density in MANET.

Simranjot Kaur


Experimental Evaluation  of  Holes  Created  in  GFRP  Composites  With Different Polymer Matrices.

C Antony Pratheesh, G.Rajesh Kannan


Analysis Of Mechanical And Microstructural  Properties Of Pulsed Current Gas Tungsten Arc Welded Duplex Stainless Steel.

P.Shanmugakani , G.Rajesh Kannan


 Characteristics and Optimization of 304 L Stainless Steel in Radial Drilling Machine.

S. Muthukumar, G.Rajesh Kannan


Experimental Investigation on Fatigue Failure of Different Drill Bits on 316 Stainless Steel.

M. Arunkumar,  G. Rajesh Kannan


Effect of Single Component And Binary Fluxes on The Depth of Penetration in A-Tig Welding of Incoloy 800h Austenitic Stainless Steel.

Basil G Paul, K C Ramesh Kumar


Performance And Characteristics of Duplex Stainless Steel in end Milling.

Abhilash P T , G Rajesh Kannan


Performance and Characteristics of SS304 And EN8 in Computer  Numerical Control Turning Machine.

Abdulsaif M Muhammed , N. Ramesh


Design And Stress Analysis of Multi-purpose Power Tiller.

Abin Thomas, Arun P P, Arun Thomas,Aswin Chandran, Athul Anilan, Rineesh A D, Deepak K


 Fuzzy Logic and Its Varied Application II.

Ashwini D. Choudhari


Floor Cleaning Machine.

Aswin E G, Arjun V Murali, Amal Raj, Anandhu Jayaram, Akhil P C, Alex Varghese, Jaison K A


A Sliding Window Based Closed Frequent Itemset Mining Algorithm Over Data Streams for Interestingness-Rich Association Rules.

Ch.Ravikant, VCE, Hyderabad, India


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