Volume-05, Issue-02- March 2017


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Manufacturing Productivity Improvement Based On Overall Line Effectiveness.

Rehab E.El badway  , A.M.Elhady , Maha ,M.A. Lashin



Analyzing the Effect of Machining Parameters and Fiber Orientation on the Surface Roughness during Drilling of (GFRP) Composites.

Ahmed M. Easa, Mamdouh I. Elamy, Abeer S. Eisa



Effects of Preheating Temperature on Cold Cracks, Microstructures and Properties of HSLA Steel.

A. A. Hassan


Influence of Nano Graphite Content on Wear  Behavior of CNPLs /Al Composites.

M. A. H. EL-Meniawi & E. Gewfiel


Processing and Characterization of Zirconia/Nickel Functionally Graded Materials.

A. A. Hassan, A. R. EL-Desouky, M. S. EL-Wazery


Casting Simulation of Bearing Housing Using Web based Software and SQC techniques for Minimal Defect.

Mr. Shubham Sanjay Sorate,  Ms.Priya Umesh  Kanase, Prof.Mahesh Sadashiv Sawant, Prof.Bhushan Shankar Kamble


Cuckoo Search Algorithm for design of decentralized  load Frequency based PID Controller.

Ch.Someswara Rao, Dr. S. Ravindra


Intelligent Islanding and Seamless Reconnection Technique for Micro grid and UPQC with Power Grid by Fuzzy Logic Controller.

K  Rama Krishna, Dr P Sharath kumar , T.Kranthi Kumar


Enhancement of Power Quality in Distribution  System Using D-Statcom & Passive Filter.

K Rama Krishna, Raju Ravula


DC Current Flow Controller for  Multilevel Converter Multiterminal HVDC Grids using Fuzzy logic controllers.

K Rama Krishna, K Nagarjuna,  T.Kranthi Kumar


Wind Energy Conversion System Using Doubly Fed Induction Generator With Active Filter By Using Fuzzy Logic Controller.

K  Rama Krishna, Raju Ravula ,T.Kranthi Kumar


An Investigation of the Use of Carbon Nano-tubes in Water Treatment.

Hassaan, A.M, El-kady, M.A, Nasser, A, Etman, M,Omar, M


Dynamic Analysis of Concrete Structures Reinforced with Basalt Fiber

M. M. Kamal ,M. A. Safan, M. A. Hamada


The Use of Carbon-Nanotubes for Removal of Bacterial Pathogens from River Water

Hassaan, A.M, El-kady, M.A, Nasser, A., Etman, M., Omar, M


Performance Analysis of prevent black hole attack by using multipath AODV in MANET.

Shivani Rathore, Rajesh Singh


Predicting Maintainability with Object-Oriented Programming using class and Hierarchy Level DIT.

M.Ragul, K.Maheswaran


Analysis & Implementation of Low Power MTCMOS 10T Full Adder Circuit in Nano Scale.

Brajmohan Baghel ,Shipra Mishra

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