Volume-03, Issue-12, Dec 2015


Manuscript Title and Author(s)



Smart Tuned Stiffness Damper

Nasser M. A.



A Hybrid Approach for Human Face Recognition System

Pooja Sharma, Kamal Kumar Sharma, Sharad Chouhan


Defect Detection in Textile using Artificial Neural Networks

Depavath Harinath, Mrs.B.Chithra, S.Jeelani, M. V. Ramana Murthy


Detection of Emotions in Text: A Survey

Shyamol Banerjee, Prof. Unmukh Dutta


A review on routing protocol for low power and lossy networks in IoT

Amol Dhumane, Avinash Bagul, Parag Kulkarni


Screening of Tuberculosis in Zeihl Neelson using Support Vector Machine

Lavanya Govindan, Padmasini N


Design and Structural Analysis of Aircraft Floor Panel

Ganesh Banoth, B VIjay Kumar, D. Muppala


A Survey on SAR Image Classification

G. Vasumathi


Automated  Diagnostic System for  the  Human Skin Texture using Digital Image Processing

Dr.S.Y.Amdani, Ku.Anita N. Mali



Veena V K, S.Subbulakshmi


Performance analysis of a Multi Converter-Unified Power Quality Conditioner System

Simma Gopi, H.M. Dora, Ch. Jaganmohana Rao


Steganography Based on Integer Wavelet Transform and Bicubic Interpolation

Linta Joseph, Hyma Joy


Low Area and Low Power Performance Optimized Asynchronous Router for Network on Chip on FPGA

Bharati B. Sayankar, Pankaj Agrawal


Fire Detection Using Image Processing

Ku. R.A.Agrawal, Prof. S.T.Khandare


Testing of Insulator by Cascade Cockcroft–Walton Voltage Multiplier

S V N Pavan Kumar, M Ramanjaneyulu


Hand-simulating methods for woven Fabrics using fuzzy-neural network system

P.Satyanarayana, M.V Ramana Murthy G. Vanisree


Fuzzy Based Shunt Active Power Filter for Harmonic Reduction In Domestic Non-Linear Loads

Y Siva Chandra Sekhar Reddy, B.S.Viswanadh.Sighakolli


Performance effect of Compressed Image over AWGN channel & without channel

Ritu Patil, Pratibha Nagaich


Performance Analysis of BPSK, QPSK & QAM System Using Turbo Coding

Sonali Vairagade, Pallavi Pahadiya


Mathematical Modelling Of Simulink Based Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Shankhamitra Sunani, Madhusmita Panda,  Radha Nath Patra


Digital Image Sharing By Extended Visual Cryptography Schema.



Structure of Semi rings with Integral Multiple Property

Dr. B.V.Swarnalathamma


Synchronous Generator Based Offshore Wind Energy System with High-Voltage Z-Source Converter for Industrial Drive Applications.

Y Samuel, V Veera Raghavulu, Dr.P.Ramesh


An Critique Review on MAN in the Communication attack in both Wired and Wireless Network.

Hari Prasad Chandia, E.Suresh Babu, M Srinivas Rao,   Dr.PSV Srinivasa Rao



















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