Volume-03, Issue-11, Nov-Dec 2015


Manuscript Title and Author(s)



Leakage Current and Active Power Reduction for 1-bit Full Adder using MTCMOS

Surbhi Kushwah, Shipra Mishra, Gunakesh Sharma



Erasure Channel Coding For Future Space Missions

Jeeva Varghese



A Secure Time Synchronization Protocol for Mobile Underwater Wireless Sensor Network

Reshma J Kunnuthara



Route Optimization Technique In Clustered WSNS Among Obstacles

Jasmine.P, Saravanakumar.C



Secured Electronic Voting Machine using Biometric

Anandaraj S, Sakthivel V


Implementation of Resource Allocation Dynamically using Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing Environment

Ms.Vijayalaxmi patil, Mr. B. Venkanna, J. Deepthi


Design and simulation of Folded tree Architecture for wireless sensor nodes

D.N.Kuldeep Shamgar, Anjaneyulu Sake


Secure and QoS-Aware Multipath Routing Protocol

Dillmol Thankachan


An Energy Efficient WSN Using Genetic Algorithm

Neema Subash,  Teena Abraham,  Dillmol Thankachan


Machine Learning Techniques in Intrusion Detection: A comprehensive Review

Satyendra Rajput,  Nitesh Tejra


WRP Based Energy Efficient Multiple Mobile Sink Path Selection in WSN

Ann Mary Francis, Jinto Mathew


Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention System: Issues, Challenges & efficiency

Ashish Sharma, Ishan Tripathi, Prateek Kr Jindal, Vivek Dixit


Various Approaches in Robot path Planning

Natesh M, Murali S


A Quantitative Comparison Of Neural Networks And Logistic Regression

Lakshay Piplani , Kartikeya Gupta , Ekansh Goyal


Cloud Computing and its Security Issues

Rahul Gera, Abhishek Chowdhary


Implementation of IEEE-754 Double Precision Floating Point Multiplier

G.Lakshmi, N.P.Sarada Devi


Machine Learning Comparison of Classification Algorithms

Rishi Gupta, Raghav Agarwal


Temperature Control of Electric Furnace using Genetic Algorithm based PID controller

Srilakshmi B, Venkataratnam K


Dynamic Data Integrity Auditing On Public Shared Cloud With Multi User Modification Capabilities

D. Reshma, V.Sreenatha Sarma


Study of Zero Inventory based on Just In Time (JIT) in the automotive industry

Sachin Gahlan, Vivek Arya


Lung Cancer Segmentation and Prediction Techniques Review

Kavita Kumari, Prabhakar Sharma


A Review on Image Denoising Methods

Dr Balkrishan, Harmandeep Singh, Gurjeet Kaur


An Analysis of Mutation Testing

Ruchi Goel, Kriti Seth, Richa Sharma


Design and Implementation of Focused Web Crawler Using Genetic Algorithm

Pranali Kale, Prashant Dahiwale


Design and Implementation of Multimedia Repository Indexing Scheme

Ashwini Tikle, Chandu  Vaidya, Hemant  Turkar




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