Volume-03, Issue-10, November 2015


Manuscript Title and Author(s)



Comparison of Gas Insulated Transmission Line and XLPE Cable on the basis of voltage regulation

Shaikh Muhammad Moinuddin, Dipti Patil



Optimal Sizing of Conductor and Enclosure for 400 kV Gas Insulated Line

Shaikh Muhammad Moinuddin, Dipti Patil



Front View Gait Recognition

Kshitiz Varma, Sanjeev Sharma


Information Security in 21st century

Dhruv Pant, P.N.Barwal, B.K.Murthy


Study of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) in Service Industry

Sanchit Khanna, Vivek Arya


Feasibility Study of a Proposed Model for a Combined Bill System

Manish Kumar & Ravi Ahuja


Content Based Image Retrieval

Sahil Jain, Kiranmai Pulaparthi, Chetan Fulara


Baseball Game Prediction Using Multivariate Regression

Deepika Bhagwani


Survey on Efficient Metrics of Fault Prediction

M.Vijaya Bharathi, Dr Sireesha Rodda


Personalizing Web Directories Through Web Usage Mining

G Neelima, M. Vijaya Bharathi


Overview of Automatic Image Colorization Schemes

Upasana Bisht, Tushar Patnaik


Design and Simulation of Simplified Five-Level and Seven-Level Inverters Using Modified PWM For PV Applications

Bhavani Gandarapu, N.Prema Kumar


Study the Role of Data Warehousing Tool in Crime Investigation

Manish Kumar


Control of Reduced-Rating DVR with a Fuel Cell Based Energy Storage System

K Paparao, P Yedukondalu


Power Quality Improvement in a Grid Connected Wind Energy System using DPQC

A Srinivasa Rao, P Yedukondalu


PSO-PI Based Shunt Active Power Filter for Harmonic Reduction In Domestic Non-Linear Loads

P Vinod, S.N Meeravali


Design and Implementation of low power 2:1 Mux circuit Using Transistor Gating Technique

Pradeep Sharma, Gunakesh Sharma, Shipra Mishra


A Performance based Analysis of Birch Algorithm over Clustering uncertain Data

T. Vijayasaratha,  A.Arul Rozario,  K.K.Kavitha


Predicting the Missing Items from Transaction Database

Pallavi Meshram, P. D. Dahiwale


Comparative study of QAM with Higher-Order Even Bits Constellation and Higher-Order Odd Bits Constellation using MATLAB GUI

Harsha Garua, Keshav Sharma


Arnold Transforms Based Image Watermarking In 4-Level DWT Using K-D Trees

Sujamol S, Anoob C S



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