Volume-03, Issue-08, August 2015



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Ascendable Information Sharing in Cloud Storage by Using Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem

P. Supriya,   C. Rajendra,   Dr A. Srilakshmi



PROFILR: To Maintain Privacy and Services in Geosocial Networks

U. Varshini,  C. Rajendra,  G.Venumadhava Rao


Captcha as Graphical Passwords (CaRP) – A Novel Security Approach Based on Hard AI Problems

S. Manasa, C. Rajendra, G. Venumadhava Rao


Secure Secret Image Transmission Using Mosaic image and Color Transformation

Bhagyashree Pawar, Dayanand Jamkhandikar


A Survey on Graphical Passwords in Providing Security

Mrs. Anuradha. V, Mr.M.Nagesh, Mr.N. Vijaya Sunder Sagar


Literature Survey on Various Recommendation Techniques in Collaborative Filtering

Mr. T. Sunil Reddy, Mr. M. Dileep Kumar, Mr.N. Vijaya Sunder Sagar


Literature Survey on Secure efficient data transmission for cluster based wireless sensor networks

Mrs.A.Supraja Laxmi, Mr.M.Dileep Kumar, Mr.N. Vijaya Sunder Sagar


Message Filtering OSN (Online Social Networks)

Ms.Patleti Kanthi, Mr. B. Ramakrishna, J. Deepthi


Preventing Information leakage in social networks

Ms.M. Laxmi Reddy, Mr. B. Venkanna, J. Deepthi


Decentralized access controls in disruption tolerant networks

Mrs. G.Nagamani, Mr. M. Yaseen Pasha J. Deepthi


A Survey Paper on MONA: Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups in the Cloud

Ms.Daraboina Swetha, Mr. M.Bhanu Prakash, J. Deepthi


A Real time approach for the detection and recognition of characters on vehicle number plate

Sangeeta Choudhary, Ms. Aruna Bansal


 Data Deduplication in Cloud Storage

Golthi Tharunn, Gowtham Kommineni, Sarpella Sasank Varma, Akash Singh Verma


A review paper on data communication using DWT based audio steganography

Ankita Chaurasiya, Vinod Todwal


Comparison Study on Availability Enhancement of Data in MANET Using Replication Techniques

Pallavi. C. J, Dr. B. G. Prasad , Sneha. K



 Wireless Sensor Networks: A Perspective to Time Synchronization

Neeraj Jain, Dr. ManjuMandot




Mr. C.Venkataswamy, Mr. T.Naganna, Mr. Nirmith Kumar Mishra



Mr. K.V.Naveen Kumar, Mr. T.Balaji Gupta, Mr. D.Muppala


 Augmented Reality in Higher Education Supported with Web 2.0

Trupti Satpute, Subhash Pingale & Vijaysinh Chavan


Design & Development of Three Roller Sheet Bending Machine

Mahesh Gadekar, Mr. Amol


Sharing the secure data in the cloud for multi user group

Vanama Ajay Kumar, Prof. Dr.V.Anandam


A Clustering Based Feature Subset Selection Algorithm for High-Dimensional Microarray Data Using Fuzzy Entropy with Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier.

Preethi.S, Dr.C.Meena


Securing Data Packets from Vampire Attacks in Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Network

K. Shyam Sundar Reddy, Mr.G.S.Prasada Reddy


Feature Selection Methods for Text Classification

Seema Narwariya, Prof. S.k .Saritha


 A Review of How Productivity Will Improve In Industry

Er.Amit Tiwari, Er.Satish Kumar



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