Volume-03, Issue-03, March 2015


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Thermal performance of the solar collector for phase change material using nanofluid: A review

Ms. Priyanka Borkar, Mr. P.V. Walke, Mr. V. M. Kriplani


Overview of Performance and Vibration Analysis of CI Engine Fuelled with Emulsified Biodiesel

Gagandeep Singh Bhuye, V.W Khond


Lanthanide (III) Complexes of Schiff Bases of Dithiocarbazate Derivatives: Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Biological Evaluation 

Jitendra Singh, Sangeeta agarwal


Use of Artificial Intelligence in Software Development Life Cycle  A State of the art Review.

Bhagyashree W. Sorte, Pooja P. Joshi, Vandana Jagtap


Design of Machine Tool Gearboxes Driven by Double Speed Electric Motors

Dr M. A. Asy


Literature Survey on Query Services in Cost Efficient Clouds

Trupti Rongare, Mr. T. Somashekar, Prof. T.Venkata Ramana


Detection of User to Root Attacks using Machine Learning Techniques

T. Vani Naga Lakshmi, V. Kishore Babu


A Biometric-Secure E-Voting System For Election Processes

Prasad V. Dixit, Swati Phalke, Miss Rupali Ubale, Prof Gavali A.B, Shingan Prajkta, Shingate Aparna


Ontology Development Using Ontosri: A Case Study Of Clinical Information of Diabetes Domain

V. Swaminathan, R. Sivakumar


Detection of Retinal Images as Normal or Abnormal using Texture Feature Analysis to identify the Diabetic Retinopathy.

Manoj M. Mhaske, Ramesh R. Manza , Yogesh M. Rajput

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