Volume -03, Issue-02, Feb 2015


Manuscript Title and Author(s)




V.Narayana Reddy,  M.Sandhya Sameera


Analysis and Design of PID controller for Multi-Area Power System in the presence of Delay and TCSC

Halini Samalla, N.V.A.Ravikumar & Manmadha Kumar B


Multi-Objective Design of Load Frequency Problem Using Genetic Algorithm based PID Controller 

Ch. Rajani, Karimulla Peerla Shaik, B.Venkata Prasanth


Comparative Performance Evaluation of Dry Turning, Wet Turning MQLTurning

Bachhav Satish Suresh, Prof Chavan H. A


Structural Modifications of 1K62 Engine Lathe Gearbox Casing

Prof. Dr. M. A. Nasser, Prof. Dr. F. R. Gomaa, Dr. M. A. Asy, Ahmed Deabs


Detection of Vehicles in Driving Condition by using ANN and SVM Classifier

Bhumika J. Barai,   Rahul nawkhare

 7 LI-FI : The future of wireless Technology

Golthi Tharunn, G Dixith Reddy, Virisha Timmaraju


Route Analysis For Decision Support System In Emergency Management Through GIS Technologies

V.Bhanumurthy,Vinod M Bothale, Brajesh Kumar, Neha Urkude, Reedhi Shukla


A Novel Safety Based Encryption Standard Algorithm For Security Applications

Kari Anusha, Dr.Ch.Ravi Kumar


Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Classifier Based Digital Image Forgery Detection Using Color Illumination

Anusree Arun, A.Vimala, Y.Camy Joshya,C.Arul Murugan


Approach and development of data ware housing for sorghum multi locational database

P. Mukesh, Sameen S.Fathima, Vasumathi. D and Kalaisekar

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