Volume-03, Issue-01, Jan 2015


Manuscript Title and Author(s)



Methods and Techniques of Security Testing: A Survey

Divya Nigam, Vinita Malik, Sarvagya Nigam


 A Survey on Website Attacks Detection And Prevention

Satish LKuchiwale ,Shobha Lolge


Optimal allocation and sizing of distributed generation in a radial distribution system with multiple objectives by using artificial bee colony algorithm

Ms.N.Sridevi, Mr. P. karimulla , Dr. B. Venkata Prasanth


 Clone Detection using SCRW in Wireless Sensor Networks

Manikrao Mulgi , Anjanayya S


 Solar-Powered Automated Plant/Crop Watering System

Rana Biswas, Romit Beed, Ankita Bhaumik, Shamik Chakrabarty & Raghav Toshniwal


An improved ant colony based routing protocol in term of node density in MANET

Mandeep Kaur


A Novel Method to Achieve AC Harmonic Elimination Voltage regulation and Energy Storage Integration for 12-Pulse controlled Rectifiers

B.Rama Devi, P.Lakshminarayana, Dr.R.Srinivasa Rao

Modified AODV Routing Protocol Using Artificial Swarm Intelligence Technique in VANET Communications

Pijush Kanti Bhattacharjee , Utpal Roy


An Improved Harmony Search Algorithm For Nonconvex/Convex Econimic Load Dispatch

K Lavanya, T Sailakshmi, K Sainadh Singh


 Application of Sugeno Fuzzy based TCSC controller in a Power System

Jaganmohana Rao Ch, Gayatri B and Prabhavathi D

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