Volume -02, Issue-10, Oct 2014


Manuscript Title and Author(s)

Enhancing the Recognition Rate and Reduce the Computation Complexity in Image Processing –A Research

Kamal Dhanda, Shalu Goel

A Review of Static and Free Vibration Analysis of Laminated Composite Plate by using Finite Element Method

Deepanshu Bhatt, Yogesh Mishra,  Dr. P.K. Sharma

An Energy Efficient Localization Strategy using particle swarm optimization in wireless sensor networks

Ms. Prerana Shrivastava, Dr. S.B Pokle,  Dr.S.S.Dorle

 A Security Probabilistic Model by using Multipath Routing Technique in HWSNs

CH. Sendhil Kumar, Dorababu sudarsa

Protocol Based Security Analysis of DUAs Authentication Schemes Using Monodroid Application 

D.V Satishkaladhar Reddy, Ch.Praveen Kumar, Mr R. Konda Reddy


Voltage Regulation Using Phase Shift Modulation In Single-Dc-Source Or Solar Voltage Source Using Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converters

Mohd Mustafa

 Modeling Treat flow Design Primitives and Assertions

Sumugna Patnaik , S.Yamuna Rani

Privacy Preserving Location-Based Service Protocol

George Antony Jasmine. D,  S.Vinod

Performance Evaluation of Regression Test Suite Prioritization Techniques


A Robust Age  Estimation System For Indian Facial Image using  2D-Gabor Filter and Multilinear Principle Component Analysis

Dhiraj S.Dabi,  Prof.Sarika B.Patil

 PVC Techniques in Watermarking Of Secret Image

Mr. Abhimanyu S. Gunjal,  Prof.D.O.Shyamkuwar

Analysis of Hybrid Test Case Prioritization Approach Based on BCO and GA
















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