Volume -02, Issue-09, Sept 2014

Manuscript Title and Author(s)


Broadcasting Message Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using Cluster Technique

A. Nandini, P.Venkateswara  Rao


Texture Based CBIR System For Human Brain MRI

Nivedhana. R, Vijayabhanu. R


Privacy Aware Efficient Data Scheduling of Intermediate Data Sets in Cloud

D.Tejaswini ,C.Rajendra


Frictions stir welding of AA6061 by using straight and taper cylindrical threaded tools and evaluating its parameters

B.Kranthi Kumar, G.Bheemanna


Enhancement of   Security of Multimodal Biometric System Using Encryption Methos: A Review

Poonam, Santosh Kumar Mishra


Comparison of Energy Efficient Clustering Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

Priti , Sudesh Kumar


Securing Private Information on Social Networks with Support Vector Machines

Vemuri Kusuma Priya, Shaik Fayaz Ahamed



Modeling & simulation of Rocket Nozzle

Nirmith Kumar Mishra , Dr.S.Srinivas Prasad, Mr. Ayub Padania


Thermal Analysis of Power Amplifier Chassis

P. Praveen Kumar, V.Ramudu, P. Sadanandam

Effect of Diffuser Height And Angle on Performance of  FSAE Car

Amal Seba Thomas, T V.Kishore, T.D.Linekar, Manivannan & Yuvaraj




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