Volume-04, Issue 04, July -Aug 2016

Manuscript Title & Author (s)



 Linear Regressive Clustering

Joy Christy , Dr. S. Hari Ganesh



A New Technique to Obtain Analytical Solution for One Dimensional Homogeneous Telegraph Equation

Zain Ul Abadin Zafar


Role of Emotional Intelligence on Employee Performance: A Review

Mangesh Patil, Pankaj Sathe, Mukta Dhopeshwarkar


A Survey on Multi-Party Privacy Conflicts in Online Social Networks.

S.Sindhu,  Dr.A.Bhuvaneswari


Analysis of Surface Integrity in Drilling of GFRP Composite When Using Two Types of Cutting Tools and Different Volume Fraction Ratios.

Ahmed M. Easa, Mamdouh I. Elamy, Abeer S. Esia


An Overview of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

Sathwik Chenna Madhavuni, Satish Kumar Thangellapally


Monitoring Production Processes Using Multivariate Control Charts.

Mohamed H. Abo-Hawa, M. A. Sharaf El-Din, Omayma A. Nada


Modeling and Simulation of Unilateral power gain for GaN/AlGaN HEMT

 Vidyashree.L, Dr. P. Vimala

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