Volume-04,Issue-03, May-June 2016


Manuscript Title and Author(s)



Performance analysis of Improved on demand routing under the black hole attack in MANET

Piyush Khemariya, Upendra Kumar Purohit,  Prof. Umesh Barahdiya



Influence of Drilling Parameters and Volume Fraction Ratios on Hole Quality of (GFRP) Composites.

Ahmed M. Easa, Mamdouh I. Elemy


Secure Data Gathering Using Compressed Provenance Information for Large WSN.

R.Dhivya, C.Sumitha


Switching Between Active and Sleep Mode in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks to Extend Network Lifetime.

D.Saranya, K.Arthi


Digital Image Processing in Medical Palmistry.

Maduguri Sudhir, E.V.Narayana


Performance Enhanced of Wi-Fi network using IEEE/802.16 Standard in MANET.

Shiva Chaturvedi, Prof. Umesh Barahdiya


Prediction of CRM Using Regression Modelling.

Aroushi Sharma, Ayush Gandhi, Anupam Kumar


Design and Development of Multipurpose Pesticides Spraying Machine.

Shailesh Malonde , Shubham Kathwate ,Pratik Kolhe, Roadney Jacob, Nishat Ingole, Rupesh D. Khorgade


Relational Model Based Multi-Disease Diagnosis Expert System.

Chandra Prakash Rathore, Swati Rathore, Jyoti Rathore, Chandra Kala Rathore


A Novel High-Performance CMOS 1-Bit Full-Adder Cell

Amit Mishra, Gunakesh Sharma, Shipra Mishra


Common Mode Leakage Current Elimination For Photovoltaic Grid Connected Power System.

Mrs.Navita G.Pandey, Mr.Harishchandra S. Kulkarni


Localization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network for Routes Reconstruction.

R.Valarmathi,  R.Birundha


Analyzing the Signal Flow and RF Planning in GSM Network.

Pavithra.R , C.Amali


A Path Selection Strategy for Energy Efficient Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Santhosh.K, Sudhir.T.V


QoS Improvement Using Secured Neighbor Discovery Protocol.

Parvathi.S,  Amali.C


An Investigation into the Eigen-Nature of Hybrid Composite Structures.

S. M. Ghoneam, A. A. Hamada, A. M. El-Kholy


Study and Evaluation of Mobile agents based routing Protocol in MANET.

Kirteki Arjariya, Prof. Umesh Barahdiya


Study of Inventory Management in Manufacturing Industry

Aashna Sharma, Vivek Arya


A Novel Approach for Monitoring the Insulator Conditions in the Distribution Line

G.Manoj, A.Rajamurugan


STDMA Based Intelligent Transportation Systems

Arul Jothy.M.K, Mr. D. Murugesan


Wireless intelligent network (WIN): primary weapon for empowering telecom Service providers

Mandeep kaur, Dr.Shabnam Kaur, Pritpal Singh


Application of a Search Engine with Intelligent Web Spider

Ashish Jaiswal, Bireshwar Ganguly, Devashri Raich

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