Near Field Communication Technology benefitted for Metro Rides

Manju Khari, Chetna Bajaj

Department of Computer Science & Engineering,

Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies and Research,

Delhi, India


 Near Field Communication, being a new trend in technology has facilitated a wide variety of users by its extensive uses. Near field communication allows contactless communication between devices to exchange information to use it in different applications. The paper elaborates about NFC, its operation and overwhelming usage streams. Afterwards, we have proposed a new framework that can be used as an NFC application to provide comfort to customers who are travelling across the city. The application will make an interface between NFC enabled devices for information communication. It will process the information along with different web servers and databases. The proposed application resembles an easy and efficient use of NFC technology that can ensure comfort to commuters. It will facilitate users by saving their precious time and effort indulged in travel formalities.

 Keywords: Near Field Communication; RFID; Metro Rides; Security.

 1.      Introduction

Near Field Communication (NFC) being a new and energetic invention in communication field, has facilitated a wide variety of user with its wide range of applications. Before looking to its extensive usage, the technology must be elaborated and understood properly. Near Field Communication (NFC) has evolved from RFID (Radio frequency Identification). NFC has used concept of RFID technology to facilitate communication between two parties or devices [1]. NFC is a wireless communication, rather it is a form of contactless communication. NFC communication took place without any physical contact between two devices. It uses short-range radio frequency waves for communication. On proprietary terms, Near field communication was earlier developed by Nokia, Sony and Royal Philips Electronics [2]. They bought NFC in industry after its standardization, by developing NFC forum in 2004. ISO 18092 is devised for NFC standard. NFC standard, ISO 18092 is considered similar to ECMA-340 standard. NFC has evolved from RFID, so, it is compatible with RFID and consequently with RFID devices (standard ISO 14443) also [3]. FeliCa and MIFARE are RFID devices, developed respectively by Sony and Philips. They both are compatible with NFC devices and can operate on NFC technology.

As stated earlier, NFC technology is used in various applications. The foremost application of NFC technology is banking. Banking has evolved to a new era by incorporating mobiles applications and consequently, NFC has made brought a new phase to it. Customers can maintain an e-wallet in their mobile phones by using bank’s services. They can use e-wallet to make payment at various stores, equipped with installing necessary NFC devices. The other NFC application is to provide information on movies and food courts to users. NFC can also be used in classroom to share study material. It can also be used as keys to unlock doors and to start vehicles. Moreover, it can also be used in hospitals to facilitate doctor and nurses to observe patient’s history and to provide medicines to them [1] [4].

The paper is organized in number of sections. Section 2 explains related work in field of NFC, its operation, interaction between NFC devices. It also mentions researcher’s contribution to NFC technology. Section 3 briefly mention about scope of the proposed work. Sector 4 describes proposed NFC application and its operation by outlining block diagram and state chart diagram. The key terms used in application are explained in section 5. Section 6, illustrates a case study with its results, used to verify application’s operation. Section 7 mentions some threats of using NFC technology. At end, we have concluded paper with its future scope discussion continued with references list.

2.      Related Work

NFC came into existence in last decade, in around 2004. It has evolved rapidly and is a well known technology in today’s world. Researcher’s extensive effort has evolved NFC to make it available to end users. There are numerous different applications of NFC and the list will exponentially increase in near future. It is estimated that every user will use it sooner or later. Research papers in table 1 reveal the progress of NFC over a decade. Near field communication (NFC) uses the principle of RFID, and gained high popularity as compared to RFID


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Volume -02, Issue -07 , July 2014.


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