Black box Fault Finder for Dynamic Web Application Using Dynamic Test Generation

Anup P.Dabhade

Dept. name of CSE

Auroras Scientific Technological and Research Academy ASTRA

Hyderabad, India



Dept. name of CSE

Auroras Scientific Technological and Research Academy ASTRA

Hyderabad, India



Web applications are the most widely used software in the internet.  A web application is developed and deployed in the real environment, it is very severe if any bug found by the attacker or the customer or the owner of the web application. It is the very important to do the proper pre-analysis testing before the release. It is very costly thing if the proper testing of web application is not done at the development location and any bug found at the customer location.

For web application testing the existing systems such as DART, Cute and EXE are available. These tools generate test cases by executing the web application on concrete user inputs. These tools are best suitable for testing static web sites and are not suitable for dynamic web applications. The existing systems needs user inputs for generating the test cases. It is most difficult thing for the human being to provide dynamic inputs for all the possible cases.

Existing system: The tool called Apollo which can work on dynamic web applications. It can generate dynamic test cases for the dynamic web applications (PHP).The approach focus on Server-Side PHP-Code and some of client-side through web forms. The approach aims to identify two kinds of failures of web applications like Execution failures and HTML failures with the three modules called executor, bug tracker, and input generator.

The algorithm used for to solve the problem is “failure detection algorithm”. Input for this algorithm is a server side php script with dynamically generated input. It produces a bug report of execution failures and html failures.

Proposed System: The proposed approach is black box web application testing tool. Because of the tool is with black box nature, there is no need of web application server side code validation. It prepares the dynamic urls or test cases by putting the null, large, small and negative values. The test cases were passed on to the application to find the faults.

1. Introduction

Web applications can be developed using server side programming languages(JSP,PHP,ASP etc,.) or client side programming languages (Javascript, VBscript etc,.) or with static web pages (HTML) and with combination of the languages. In the dynamic web sites, developed with server side programming languages accepts inputs from the remote users. The remote user can pass web application expected inputs or can pass malicious inputs. If malicious inputs are passed to the web application, the behavior of the web application may change.

The web application may crash at some instance. The web application response may be an unexpected that causes the browser to crash. The web application should be thoroughly tested for the functionality and in the security aspect.


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Volume -01, Issue -05 , December 2013.

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