Autogenic Reconfigurable Wireless Mesh Network


2Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

 Aurora’s Scientific, Technological and Research Academy

Hyderabad, A.P, India


Wireless Mesh Network(WMN) is a communication network made up of radio nodes organized in a mesh topology. Mesh network has advantages of fast implementation , easy maintenance and low direct investment while comparing with existing networks. WMNs are being developed actively and deployed widely for a variety of application. Multi-hop wireless mesh network experience frequent link failures caused by channel interference , dynamic obstacles and application  demands bandwidth. These failures leads to severe performance degradation in WMN and it requires   expensive, manual network management for their real recovery of time. This paper presents an Autogenic network Reconfiguration System (ARS) that enables a radio wireless mesh network to autogenic ally recover from local failure to preserve network performance by using channel assignments so that it can be  recovered from failures.Thus to strengthen the  performance,  it is mainly concentrated on avoiding the failures, Which would eventually enhance the performance and channel efficiency. 

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A WMN is dynamically well-organized and well-configured, with the nodes in the network automatically establishing and maintaining mesh connectivity among themselves. This feature brings many advantages to WMNs such as low upfront cost, easy network maintenance, robustness, and reliable service coverage. Conventional nodes equipped with network interface cards (NICs) can directly communicate to the wireless mesh networks. Customers without wireless NIC can communicate with mesh network by connecting to wireless mesh routers, for e.g., through Ethernet. Thus, WMN will greatly help people to be online anywhere anytime. Moreover, the gateway and bridging functionalities of mesh routers enable the integration of WMNs with various existing networks such as cellular, wireless sensor, wireless-fidelity, world-wide interoperability for microwave access, Wi media networks.

Wmn deploy different Types of applications with Good quality of services. WMNs are dynamically well-organized and well configured with nodes in the network, automatically establishing an ad-hoc network between nodes such that network connectivity is maintained.

WMN is a promising technology for numerous applications, e.g. Broadband home networking, community and neighborhood networking, enterprise networking, building automation, etc. It is gaining significant attention as a possible way for the cash strapped Internet service providers(ISPs),carriers, and others to roll out to robust and reliable wireless broadband service access in a way that needs minimal upfront investments. With the capability of self-organization and self-configuration, WMNs can be deployed incrementally one node at a time as needed.

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Volume -01, Issue -05 , December 2013.

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